RE: standby database from a RAC cluster with ASM to a single-instance server using filesystem storage not ASM.

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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:57:44 -0400
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I would pick and choose from two different technet articles (from the Maximum Availability Architecture set).  

aa.pdf> Guard 11g Installation and Configuration Best Practices on Oracle RAC a.pdf  

         MAA 10
arySingleInstancePhysicalStandby.pdf> g Setup Guide: Creating a Single Instance Physical Standby Database for a RAC Primary Database rySingleInstancePhysicalStandby.pdf                    

In 11g you can have RMAN create the standby control file, password file, spfile for you. The spfile isn't correct, so the suggestion is to start with a simple, dummy init.ora for the standby, have RMAN pass some init parameters over during the copy, then create a pfile from the standby spfile, shutdown, edit the pfile, restart the standby. I would think you should be able to take care of the cluster problems this way.  

Hope this helps. (I am just finishing a RAC to RAC (2 node to 1 node)) install. I haven't tried a non-clustered physical standby.  


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Subject: standby database from a RAC cluster with ASM to a single-instance server using filesystem storage not ASM.

Does anybody have any links on how to create a standby database from a RAC cluster with ASM to a single-instance server using filesystem storage not ASM. OEL 5   There is a good blog at  

I have followed it but it gets the controlfile down and then creates an spfile from the controlfile but that contains all the RAC parameters.  

I am using the following RMAN command  




    SET "db_unique_name"="DGPHYS"

    SET log_file_name_convert '+DATA/','/export2/oradata/DGPHYS/';

    SET cluster_database=false -- to overwrite the RAC components

    Set cluster database_instances=0 - tried 1 as well    

This works OK and creates an spfile but will not start the databse up from the spfile because  

RMAN-01008: the bad identifier was: cluster_database_instances

RMAN-01007: at line 1 column 5 file: standard input  

If I take out the line cluster_database_instances it fails anyway as the spfile has been built for a RAC config  

Any pointers or help appreciated  


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