RE: Sql Developer - Migration from Sql Server to Oracle Database

From: Sam Bootsma <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 14:56:19 -0400
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Hi Nigel,  

I tried 4656 and it gives me the message "Cannot connect to Microsoft Sql Server on <server name>. I get the same message when I try any other port (for example, 1521 or 7365 or another random port). Then when I try with 1433 again, it says "Login failed for user 'sa'".  

So using 4656 it appears Sql Developer is not able to get to the point where it can submit credentials. But using 1433, it at least can connect to the server long enough to submit credentials, before being told the credentials are wrong.  

But, I can log in with SQL Server Express 2005 using the same credentials.  

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2008/7/16 Sam Bootsma <>:  

When I go to create a new connection to our Sql Server database, I enter the username and password, select the Sql Server tab, enter the host name and leave the port as the default (1433). I know I also have to specify that the Sql Server instance is A02, but there is no place to enter this information. Instead, there is a button that says "retrieve database". I push the button, and it returns the message "Status: Failure - Login failed for user 'sa'."  

Sam, I recently tried SQL Server Express 2005 (from SQL Developer 1.5 as well as from sqlline <> ) and found that the default port was 4656, not 1433 (ie unlike some other versions of SQL Server apparently). Try that...

Regards Nigel

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