Re: Oracle RAC and VIPs

From: Alessandro Vercelli <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 10:21:02 +0200
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Hardware is HP BL45P, 4 x AMD Dual core, 8 Gb RAM. Oracle, RAC and Clusterware

Anyway, the issue became "crabbed", since the last attempt to start the failing node succeeded, so I've one more task now...:)).

The failed attempts reported on the console that the listener nodeapp could not start; looking into network configuration, I noticed vip IP address for the failing listener was not allocated on that node but on its partner; please, what log files do you suggest for errors?



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Subject : Re: Oracle RAC and VIPs

> Nope, the VIP isn't the problem/reason for the failure to restart. If
> your logfiles indicate differently, then you've got a different
> problem. Please post the errors and we'll have a look. You shouldn't
> have to do anything special to restart the failed node. Clusterware
> will automatically move the VIP resource for that node back to it when
> it rejoins the cluster.
> You might also include a summary of your environment (versions,
> platform, etc).
> Dan
> Alessandro Vercelli wrote:
>This was a nice explanation, since I'm a newbie in RAC...:)))
>Please, let me ask some help for a problem I'm facing with: one (or more?, it h
>as been some weeks ago...) RAC node crashed and the other took its VIP; now I'd
> like to start the crashed node but it fails, obviously since the VIP depending
> nodeapp cannot start...
>I'm waiting my management to activate a Metalink support, but is there somethin
>g I can do to in the meanwhile?
>Many thanks,
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>Date : Thu, 10 Jul 2008 09:15:41 -0500
>Subject : Re: Oracle RAC and VIPs
>The basic gist is this:
> The VIP is a cluster resource managed by the clusterware. Depending on
>your OS , you can see it running as a VIP under your public network NIC.
>(ifconfig -a on Linux). What happens in a node failure is that the
>clusterware brings that VIP resource up on another node so that when clients
>attempt connects to that IP, the 'failure' is detected right away and the
>client can use the next address in the tnsnames.ora entry (or jdbc url, or
>Try it out sometime. take a node node, use srvctl to see where the vips are
>running and look at the ifconfig to see as well.
>On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 8:30 AM, Dba DBA [4]<>
>I have installed Rac. I know how to create a VIP. I don't understand why
>this works. I also don't undertsand why TAF works.
>I am connected to node 1, how am I on the fly connected to node 2 if node 1
>goes down.
>Again, I know the functionality, I just don't know how it works under the
>Can anyone help me out with this?
>Bradd Piontek
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