Re: starting up and shutting down a RAC cluster

From: fairlie rego <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 20:43:26 +1000 (EST)
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crs_stop all works like a charm in so there is no need to ssh to nodes and issue crsctl stop crs    

  There is a bug with running simultaneous crsctl stop crs commands. It is fixed in 11g but there is a backport on top of    


Dan Norris <> wrote:   No, crsctl was designed to handle only the local node. You could do the following from one node, though:

crsctl stop crs
ssh node2 crsctl stop crs
ssh node3 crsctl stop crs

If you have host equivalency set up for the root user, it should work fine. There's also some special shell that does commands on a list of nodes, but I can't remember what shell that is. It would work similarly to the above except could probably combine the ssh commands into a single line.


Rick Ricky wrote:
> crsctl appears to only work on one node at a time, but srvrctl can
> startup and shutdown all instances.
> anyway to startup and shutdown all nodes with crsctl or some other way
> with 1 command?


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