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Answers in line.


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The crosscheck command lists backup pieces as 'EXPIRED' if they are not available, so those pieces removed after being backed up to tape will appear as 'EXPIRED'. If I were to restore them to the backup location on disk a crosscheck command would again show them as available, is that correct?

> Correct

Even if a backup piece is available, if it is older than the CONTROL_FILE_RECORD_KEEP_TIME RMAN would not be able to restore the database using that backup piece. Is that correct?

> Incorrect - backup pieces can stick around much longer than
control_file_record_keep_time, this just sets the minimum number of days before a record can be reused, but it won't be automatically deleted or over written after this time, just eventually overwritten by subsequent backups if the space is needed

If I were to issue an RMAN delete expired backup command the information would be removed from the control file and, even if the backup piece were available on disk, RMAN would not be able to use it to perform a restore. Is that correct.

> Correct, you'd need to add it back with the CATALOG command before
RMAN could use it again.

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