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Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 13:43:15 -0400
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You have a database objects in those datafiles/tablespaces. Look in DBA_TABLES or DBA_INDEXES to see what is being stored there. You can then look in DBA_EXTENTS to see what object is using the high-disk locations. You can then move these objects to another tablespace (or even the same one) to clear the space to allow you to shrink the file.

Hope this helps.


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Subject: Who is using my datafile

I have a RAC on windows.
Oracle 9206.
OCFS. I have five datafiles that have nothing in them. I mean that select * from sys.seg$ where file# between 6 and 11 return nothing.

When I tried to decrease the size of the datafiles I got: the file contain data beyond the space I want to decrease to. I thought that maybe there are some temporary segments but all the users use temp as their temporary tablespace.


Adar Yechiel
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