RE: no archivelog incomplete recovery?

From: Hemant K Chitale <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 22:11:29 +0800
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Since it was a "active online redo log" that was lost, the "active" means that the redo log had been written to by lgwr but dbwr hadn't completed a checkpoint yet. Therefore, we wouldn't be "lucky" !

At 02:30 AM Tuesday, Elliott, Patrick wrote:
>This isn't entirely true. If you are lucky, and the online redo
>logs were never overwritten since the last cold backup, then you
>could apply the inactive archive logs up to just before the lost
>active one. During the recovery you would specify the full path to
>the online redologs that need to be applied. This will work in
>either archivelog or noarchivelog mode. In the case where your
>backup includes the online archive logs, it might be a good idea to
>save the unbroken online redologs just in case they can be
>used. You might get lucky again and the online logs may have only
>been overwritten once.
>Of course the above scenario will only work with a very quiet
>database. 99.99% of the databases would not be able to use this.

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