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Unrecoverable is a synonym for nologging. Direct loads can be logging or nologging. Logging direct loads are recoverable. Nologging direct loads are not recoverable, which is where the term unrecoverable comes from.

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Subject: direct load and direct load unrecoverable

Helli everyone:

I have been reading information on Don Burleson's site about direct load unrecoverable as a way to speed up
the load ( among other things. I have never used this parameter (unrecoverable) in SQL*Loader before and I always though that SQL*Loader in direct mode does not create any
archived logfiles and therefore if a database needs to be restored, the tables that were loaded via SQL*Loader
in direct mode won't be restored. After reading this

  Use unrecoverable. The unrecoverable option (unrecoverable load data) disables the writing of the data to the redo logs.  This option is available for direct path loads only

 It seems that a table that was loaded via SQL*Loader with direct mode (but not unrecoverable) will be "restorable"  from a backup. Is that correct interpretation?

thank you

Gene Gurevich


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