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Hi Martin,

   Oracle will stripe (1MB) across your RAID (creating a plaid) which is okay as long as the stripes of your raid are a multiple of 1MB (e.g. 256KB stripes). You could create you backend RAID and present with 6 (x2GB) LUNs carved from your RAID config as your diskgroups.

Just some thoughts.

Good luck,


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Subject: Does ASM's EXTERNAL REDUNDANCY concatenate?

Hi list,

does ASM's EXTERNAL REDUNDANCY feature stripe the data or does it concatenate them?

Oracle EE x86_64 on Linux, Version

2x Adaptec 5085, each connected to an own SAS JBOD with 16x 1TB HDD, one of them is global hot spare disk

I want a diskgroup with 12TB in size, 6TB on each JBOD.

Another sad thing: Due to Metalink note 6453944.8, I can't create ASM diskgroups with disk members larger than 2TB due to corruption risks and ORA-15099 (which is really nasty!).

Any ideas to the question or to my sceanrio in general are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance
Martin Klier


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