Re: Does ASM's EXTERNAL REDUNDANCY concatenate?

From: Martin Klier <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 14:52:12 +0200
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Hi Jason,

thanks for the reply.

jason arneil schrieb:
> the diskgroup, ASM will stripe your data across the devices.
Okay, I guessed so, but I wasn't sure. Thanks.

> You can easily get around the issue that you mention by adding multiple
> devices to the diskgroup that are below the 2TB threshold. I don't see
> this as being too much of a problem?

Normally not. But unfortunately, I am on dedicated storage with a superfast Adaptec 5085 RAID controller. It has a disadvantage: When using RAID 6 (which is very fast on this hardware) it has only enough segments for 4 logical drives. And 4 times 2 TB are too less :(

Martin Klier

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