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Bradd is correct about this. But Sherrie's question was how was a connection being made from a machine that did not have an entry in it's tnsnames file for the database server.  

Java programs do not need the Oracle client (tns stuff) installed to connect to a database.

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Do you have some example listener log entries?

Are you sure they are connecting on some other port and that the port is not the port on the client ? Windows connects initially on the listener port but than spawns a new thread which is on a different port each time.

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	I have a 10.2 listener listening on port 1522, and see
connections established using that. However, I also see connections coming in on other ports, that look like the increment by 1 each time. The connections are coming from a .net application on a windows server through IIS, and that server does not have a tns entry in tnsnames.ora. We removed it from there to specifically prevent connections to this database. Anyone have any idea how this could be happening?                           
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