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From: Waldirio Manh„es Pinheiro <waldirio_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 08:38:21 -0300
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   Good morning friends

I'd like to ask about some points in oracle RAC.

  1. About failover, how long time to complete failover ?(power off first node and power on the vip address on second node)
  2. In general, how do you measure the "failover time" ?!
  3. In general, how do you test the Failover in RAC environment ?!
  4. I have been configured the environment RAC with TAF (preconnect). Can I think in HA if my application was developed without code to HA ?!
  5. With RAC and TAF environment, the "select * from dba_tab_columns;" command for example will work fine or will stop when the node is power off !? (the node which I'm connected from sqlplus)
  6. About TAF configuration, It's necessary configure only on client, only on server or in both (Server and Client) ?!
  7. There are any recommended configuration to HA !? (change about time of service or RAC cluster)

Thank you so much in advanced.

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