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From: Frank Pettinato <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 12:36:33 -0700 (PDT)
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I figured it out.

Symantec instructed me to use a "global" policy for all tape backups(after my disk backups succeeded) and set it's application schedule to 24X7. This was in response to my RAC questions about having the database node go down and still being able to connect and perform my backups. When you create a policy you have to specify a host and a path to the script and in our case, I made an /etc/hosts entry for the virtual IP and used that. Since the script directories are local and exactly the same, this works great. However, you cannot call a tape policy because you do not know "which" host you are going to be on so you have to define a policy for every node and every backup. When calling the "global" tape policy the Symantec(Veritas) client has an env var that tell the VNBU Master Server what the client's name is which solves the problem.

So the solution is that ever since I made this change to my backup policies I cannot "see" any backups. So since 4/10/2008 I have no backups that are named ORACLE_PSEP_BACKUP, only ORACLE_TAPE_BACKUP. So the bplist command worked, I just didnt realize that I needed to change the policy name. Thank goodness I named the individual files with a DB specific name + unique identifier.

So now I am left with a less than stisfactory, but completely working solution that lists out all backups named ORACLE_TAPE_BACKUP for a time period and I will have to come up with a way to limit the listing thru some other command or maybe a find or sort from Windows.

Thanks for all your help!

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So if you run the exact same command, but without the "-k ORACLE_PSEP_BACKUP", do you see the records for this policy, and are they shown in all uppercase?


From: Frank Pettinato

 bplist -C atlphsdb3 -S atlphsapp3
-t 4 -k ORACLE_PSEP_BACKUP -l -s 6/24/2008 -e 6/24/2008 -R /  

 EXIT STATUS 227: no entity was
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