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From: Frank Pettinato <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 16:36:48 -0700 (PDT)
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I am running a multi-node RAC Oracle on Windows64. I am using Incremental Merge Backups to the FRA and my database is on ASM. I use RMAN and Windows .cmd files to run my backups to disk (FRA) first and then to tape via Symantec(Veritas) Netbackup.

My backups work great and RMAN's log shows all the activity correctly. My problem is trying to get information about the files that have been backed up via Netbackup.

I want to be able to see a SPECIFIC databases backups for a given date range or date. I have opened a ticket with Symantec and to-date have had no luck. I was also told by Symantec that due to the architecture of my solution that I cannot "view" and of the database backups via thier GUI be it the NBU Console or BAR.

I was told to use the BPLIST command from the command line as follows: bplist -C hostname -t 4 -l -R / - Displays all files from the last 6 months bplist -C hostname -t 4 -l -s 03/10/2008 -e 03/12/2008 -R / -Displays a specific date range

These work fine, but it gives me output for ALL the backups on that day for EVERY database. I want to use a keyword or policy based search. Both are in the command line guide from the vendor, but neither work. The command that SHOULD work looks like this:

bplist -C hostname -t 4 -l -s 03/10/2008 -e 03/12/2008 -keyword MY_ORACLE_BACKUP -R / OR...
bplist -C hostname -t 4 -l -s 03/10/2008 -e 03/12/2008 -k MY_ORACLE_BACKUP -R /

Any ideas how to see the files that have been backed up using the bplist or other commands? What commands do most people use for this? Am I stuck with RMAN and the list and report commands?

Thanks in advance.

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