RE: Determine Record Creation Date Without Audit Turned On

From: David Litchfield <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 16:11:58 +0100
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Is it not possible to use a flashback query to determine the records in question; or alternatively the redo logs? HTH,

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At best I can only make the recommendation. They'll have to weigh if it's worth the effort to get the approvals to get it done.  

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We have a user that needs to do cleanup on a table in a 10.2 instance and wants to remove rows in a table based on when the record was created but there is no creation date as part of the record entry. Without having auditing turned on, is there a way to do determine this from the data dictionary tables and, if so, which ones. I'm a rather new DBA and not well versed in Oracle's data dictionary tables. All of my searching for keeps directing me to information about auditing.

There's a simple way to set this up for future use.

alter table my_table add ( row_create_date date default sysdate )

Obviously this will not work for old data, but may be useful in the near future for cleaning up data.

And 30 days from now, all rows with a null value for this column will be 30+ days old.


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