Re: Oracle 8.1.17 extent management

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 23:50:20 +1000
Message-ID: <>

Very much my choice as well for those earlier releases and even 10g. Fixed extents. Stay away from ASSM until at least the number of nasty bugs with that allocation is astronomical until then. Particularly if you do anything out of the simple vanilla table/column design. Eg: LOBs, nested tables, indexing other than simple b-tree, MVs, log shipping, objects, etcetc.

Nuno Souto
in overcast Sydney, Australia

Andrew Kerber wrote,on my timestamp of 20/06/2008 10:51 PM:

> Locally managed fixed 1 meg extents (initial 1m, next 1m, pctincrease 0)
> works real well.
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