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From: Langston, Chris <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 15:24:07 -0500
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Thank you to Daniel, Tao, Ghassan and Mark for your feedback.

I wasn't clear in my original post but the data in question does goes back a few years so, although I gave the suggestions due diligence, in the end, it looks like Daniel is correct and that it's not possible. I've let the user know that it cannot be done and they understand.

Thanks again for your input.

Chris Langston

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From: Daniel Fink
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Subject: Re: Determine Record Creation Date Without Audit Turned On

Short answer - not from the data dictionary.

Long answer - without specific auditing or timestamps as part of the row, you cannot query the database to locate these records. However, you

might be able to use logminer to locate the insert statements IF the redo log information is still available. I have not heard much about log

miner in the last few years, so I'm not sure what is available with 10g.

Are there any transaction logs from the application that would be of help?

Daniel Fink

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From: Tao Wang 
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You can try the pseudo column ora_rowscn and function
scn_to_timestamp(ora_rowscn). But the function scn_to_timestamp seems to
work for rows updated relatively recently.

From: Ghassan Salem 
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To: Langston, Chris
Subject: Re: Determine Record Creation Date Without Audit Turned On

Maybe using the flashback query can get you there, if your undo allows

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From: Mark W. Farnham 
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 2:02 PM
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Subject: RE: Determine Record Creation Date Without Audit Turned On

Dan, Patrick, and Tao have made useful suggestions. If none of those
out for you and you are within range of the time in question, you could
do a
set of flashback queries into a table containing just the table in
questions's PK (not as the PK) and current query's as of time. Then if a
given PK (original table) first appears in the time window to be deleted
you're set.

You might start with a broad grain of time, then use a very fine grain
just the candidates. The actual data would determine how fine a grain
would need to absolutely identify a row as being created within some
of time.

Good luck!


Langston, Chris wrote:

> All,
> We have a user that needs to do cleanup on a table in a 10.2 instance
> and wants to remove rows in a table based on when the record was
> but there is no creation date as part of the record entry. Without
> having auditing turned on, is there a way to do determine this from
> data dictionary tables and, if so, which ones. I'm a rather new DBA
> not well versed in Oracle's data dictionary tables. All of my
> for keeps directing me to information about auditing.
> The primary DBA for the application is on vacation for the rest of the
> month and I don't know that much about the application.
> Any direction or source of documentation that would explain this will
> much appreciated.
> Chris Langston
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