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Their aren't any data dictionary views that I know of which will help you with this. The only tool that you might be able to use for this is logminer. You will need to have all of the archive logs available for the dates in question, and it is a fairly complicated tool to use.


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We have a user that needs to do cleanup on a table in a 10.2 instance and wants to remove rows in a table based on when the record was created but there is no creation date as part of the record entry. Without having auditing turned on, is there a way to do determine this from the data dictionary tables and, if so, which ones. I'm a rather new DBA and not well versed in Oracle's data dictionary tables. All of my searching for keeps directing me to information about auditing.

The primary DBA for the application is on vacation for the rest of the month and I don't know that much about the application.

Any direction or source of documentation that would explain this will be much appreciated.

Chris Langston


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