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5s would be especially impressive since the scale was 1-4! :)


Blanchard William wrote:
I'm confused... If the mean was 3.48 and most of your scores were above that, why do you think you did so poorly.  Surely you don't expect 5s?

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I agree with the others, those are good scores and indicate a valuable presentation. Bear in mind that IOUG has high quality presenters and high expectations. My favourite text comment on a presentation that largely included timings, organisational politics and DMZ deployment of CPUs to Oracle Apps, i.e is it possible, how painful is it and what did it really involve? "This presentation merely regurgitated readmes." I've yet to find the readme that states patch application time...

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 7:26 PM, Grabowy, Chris <> wrote:
I give up.  I keep taking feedback from previous conferences and incorporate them into my future presentations, and I still can't get them right.  I was "slow", well, the last few times I was "too fast".  I took the time to make sure everyone got the point for each page of my presentation, and I get dinged for it!  I had addressed most of the comments during my presentation, and I still got dinged on them.
Did anyone else get "great" feedback from presenting at IOUG????
I just can't see myself spending all that time working on anymore presentations.
Perhaps, I'll skip the mowing tonight and go straight to the drinking part....

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Subject: IOUG Session Evaluation Results


Dear Chris Grabowy,


Thank you for speaking in Denver at COLLABORATE 08 – IOUG Forum and for generously sharing your time and expertise!


It is through the quality content provided by our speakers that COLLABORATE attendees increase their knowledge, their skills and their network.  Needless to say, you greatly contributed to the success of our conference and presentations, such as yours, are what make COLLABORATE the premier learning experience that it is! 


Currently, we are in the process of putting all conference proceedings into our LoOk (Library of Oracle Knowledge) member area.  If you made any changes to your paper or presentation after you uploaded it, please send the updated version to  We want to ensure that we have the final version. 


Please find the results of your session evaluations below.  The overall mean at COLLABORATE 08 – IOUG Forum was 3.48.  That puts the majority of sessions into the Very Good to Excellent rankings.


Thanks again for your continued support of the IOUG; please look for the Call for Speakers notification in late August.  We look forward to seeing you in Orlando, Florida for COLLABORATE 09 from May 3-7, 2009! 



Peter Smith

IOUG Director of Education


Jon Wolfe

IOUG Technical Session Chair




IOUG Evaluation Report:


Session: #611: Wiki this Way!!


Question 1:  How well did the abstract for this presentation describe its contents? (4=Very Accurate, 1=Not Accurate)


Your score:      3.73


Question 2: Was the level of technical content appropriate to the objective of the presentation? (4=Very Appropriate, 1=Not Appropriate)


Your score:      3.5


Question 3: How effective were the presenter's audio visual materials? (4=Very effective, 1=Not effective)


Your score:      3.26


Question 4: Would you recommend this session to others? (% Yes is shown)


Your score: 97


Question 5: How would you rate the presenter's knowledge of the material presented? (4=Excellent, 1=Poor)


Your score:      3.55


Question 6: How would you rate this presenter's speaking style? (4=Excellent, 1=Poor)


Your score:      3.23


Question 7: Overall, how would you rate the quality of this presentation? (4=Excellent, 1=Poor)


Your score:      3.42


Overall Mean - Average of means for questions 1-3 through 5-7.


Your score:      3.45


Written Commentary:


• A walk-through of how Chris built the Wiki for his team.  Screen shots would have been good.

• Lessons learned were very helpful!  Thank you!

• Opening could be shortened, defining a wiki needed less time.  Spend a little more time on why you selected a particular Wiki.  Do a bit more research… OSX Server has a Wiki built-in for example.  Info on hosted Wikis was very helpful. ie: exit strategy

• Slow



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