Re: Doubt about timeout between nodes of cluster

From: Riyaj Shamsudeen <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 10:31:28 -0500
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Hello Waldirio

    >> the time to the first machine detect the second machine powered off is very big (between 1 and 2 min),

   How are you measuring this time? Are you checking alert log or are you using DB connections to check it?

   Can you also send crsd.log?
   Further, refer $CRS_HOME/bin/racgvip and there are few parameters such as check interval, restart attempts etc controlling behavior of VIP failover too. Not sure, they are applicable when machine is rebooted since heartbeat will fail before vip check..

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Waldirio Manh„es Pinheiro wrote:
> Hello Friends
> I'd like to ask about Oracle RAC in Linux environment. I installed
> two machine with RedHat AS 4Up5 and Oracle <>
> with ClusterWare. The installation finish with successful and the data
> base work fine.
> I checked my environment of availability with the test below:
> Station cambeba UP
> Station cangua UP
> # crs_stat -t
> Name Type Target State Host
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> ora....BA.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE cambeba
> ora....eba.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE cambeba
> ora....eba.ons application ONLINE ONLINE cambeba
> application ONLINE ONLINE cambeba
> ora....UA.lsnr application ONLINE ONLINE cangua
> ora.cangua.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE cangua
> ora.cangua.ons application ONLINE ONLINE cangua
> application ONLINE ONLINE cangua
> ora.ora10gq.db application ONLINE ONLINE cangua
> ora....q1.inst application ONLINE ONLINE cangua
> ora....q2.inst application ONLINE ONLINE cambeba
> At this point, that's ok, but when I force a power off in cangua or
> cambeba (the name of my machines), the time to the firt machine detect
> the second machine powered off is very big (between 1 and 2 min), so,
> if my client was working, will lost the query for time out.
> I changed the configurations in objects and
>, but without successful.
> Any Ideia to fix this problem (decrease the time of check between
> nodes on cluster) ?!?!
> PS: I checked in list database, but without successful about this problem
> Thanks in advanced.
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