RE: anyone know how to do a join where the data can be different

From: Elliott, Patrick <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 12:32:08 -0500
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While the queries from both Mark and David will return the same results, David's query provides the one that has the potential to perform better. If you put an index on datefield, only his version will use it.

Sorry, Russ, but yours is not correct. For example if tab1.datefield has time value of 21:59 and tab2.datefield has a time value of 22:01, then these two times are within 5 seconds, but...

abs(59-01) = 58

58 is not <= 5


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What about something like:

Select <col>

From tab1, tab2

where ABS(TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(tab1.datefield,'SS')) - TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(tab2.datefield,'SS'))) <= 5;

On 5/14/08, David Aldridge <<>> wrote: It might be more efficient to do something like ...

Select <col>

From tab1, tab2

Where<> =<>

And tab1.datefield between tab2.datefield) - 5/86400 and tab2.datefield) + 5/86400

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How about:

Select <col>

From tab1, tab2

Where<> =<>

And abs(tab1.datefield-tab2.datefield) <= 5/86400;



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To:<> Subject: anyone know how to do a join where the data can be different

I have two different data sets. They come from two different feeds.

I have an ID field that I can join on that is the same in both. However, I have a date field in each. Here is the catch, the dates can be up to 5 second apart.

So I have

select <col>

from tab1, tab2

where<> =<>

and tab1.datefield is with in 5 seconds of tab2.datefield

anyone know a way to do this without a lot of complex pl/sql?

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