Re: Select failover NOT functioning when data is imported from an export on a 2 node RAC cluster

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 22:06:26 -0600
Message-ID: <>

"not functioning" is never a good problem statement. How about: "We configured TAF on the server side using DBMS_SERVICE for TAF SELECT failover and confirmed that the application used this service. However, when running a long SELECT (no pending txns) and aborting the node where it was running, the session got an ORA-12345 error. Here is the TNS entry we used to connect using SQL*Plus: ..."

Throw us a bone--I'm relatively confident that someone out here can help given proper details :).


laura pena wrote:
> I have a issue, that I am going to be researching in detail and
> thought I'd run it by all as to the best way to test or if there is
> already a solution get it :) We were told by consultants that on our
> production 2 node cluster (64-bit RedHat linux, RAW using ASM)
> database that after importing data into a new schema, the select
> failover was not functioning.
> Has anyone had this same issue? If so what was your solution?
> I was planning on creating the user first and skeleton schema then
> importing only data via one of the nodes not the taf service.
> Any assistance as always is most welcomed.
> The consultants btw told me they did open up an SCR 6827307.993 which
> I can not see.
> Many Thanks,
> Lizz

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