Re: Certifications don't count! (from a good test-taker)

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 15:25:18 +1000
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Hmmm, given that there are around 200 there and it is worldwide, I'd say basing interview selection criteria on solely the producing of an OCM is a bit short-sighted... Who knows, there might actually be good dbas out there who don't give a fig about paying through their noses for a "certification"?

Nuno Souto
in (finally!) sunny Sydney, Australia

Dan Norris wrote,on my timestamp of 10/06/2008 1:44 AM:

> For verification, you can just look online at 
> If they aren't listed there, they may still be an OCM, but if they're on 
> the page, they're an OCM since Oracle Ed maintains that page. As far as 
> I know, OCM credentials have no expiration, though at some point, 
> they're probably outdated and not much help.
> Dan
> daniel koehne wrote:

>> A couple of years ago I got very frustrated when dealing with Oracle
>> Certifications. On both occasions I needed Oracle to verify that a
>> certification was valid (i.e. the person claiming to have a
>> certification actually had one) but Oracle went out of their way to
>> make verification difficult. When I needed to verify my certification
>> to a perspective employer I got some mail stating that verifying
>> certifications may take up to 2 weeks and the verification ended up
>> taking a 8 business days. The other time I wanted to verify someone's
>> claimed OCM and Oracle said that we needed permission from the person
>> we were interviewing to start the verification process and that
>> verification would take up to 2 weeks--I was suspicious about the
>> initial OCM claim so this person was filed in the circular filing
>> cabinet because of all the hassle.
>> I have also had trouble proving to Oracle certification folks that I
>> have taken the required OCP Oracle class.
>> With Microsoft, I believe that the person with the certification can
>> give you a number and you go to a Microsoft web site and are able to
>> verify any certification claims very quickly.
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