Re: DataGuard Standby Database usage

From: daniel koehne <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 13:38:17 -0400
Message-ID: <>

I am not sure if Oracle support would support this, but after activating our 10gR2 EE ( databases for disaster recovery testing we use the flashback database feature to restore the databases to being a physical standby database.

Here is a brief overview of our steps:

  1. Make sure flashback is enabled and that your flashback area has enough space.
  2. create a flashback restore point. May want to look into a guaranteed restore point.
  3. activate 10gR2 EE database for testing.
  4. flashback database to restore point.
There are two small issues I have experienced using this method:
  1. database flashback uses archive logs. We use home grown data guard scripts to we need to use RMAN to catalog the archive logs before the db activate (i.e. rman with no catalog, then use catalog command). If not done flashback database command will complain about being unable to find the required archive log files. This is more of a problem with our large high-activity database.
  2. After flashback and convert to physical standby, the "recover standby database" command still looks for some archive log files from the time the db was activated. We just create a new standby control file using the primary db and this issue goes away.

I hope someone finds this useful.


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