Re: DataGuard Standby Database usage

From: Howard Latham <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 18:50:36 +0100
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Dan that sounds Very useful thanks

On 30/05/2008, daniel koehne <> wrote:
> I am not sure if Oracle support would support this, but after
> activating our 10gR2 EE ( databases for disaster recovery
> testing we use the flashback database feature to restore the databases
> to being a physical standby database.
> Here is a brief overview of our steps:
> 1. Make sure flashback is enabled and that your flashback area has enough
> space.
> 2. create a flashback restore point. May want to look into a
> guaranteed restore point.
> 3. activate 10gR2 EE database for testing.
> 4. flashback database to restore point.
> There are two small issues I have experienced using this method:
> 1. database flashback uses archive logs. We use home grown data guard
> scripts to we need to use RMAN to catalog the archive logs before the
> db activate (i.e. rman with no catalog, then use catalog command). If
> not done flashback database command will complain about being unable
> to find the required archive log files. This is more of a problem with
> our large high-activity database.
> 2. After flashback and convert to physical standby, the "recover
> standby database" command still looks for some archive log files from
> the time the db was activated. We just create a new standby control
> file using the primary db and this issue goes away.
> I hope someone finds this useful.
> Daniel
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Howard A. Latham

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