Re: Dataguard v Homeguard.

From: Carel-Jan Engel <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 23:38:48 +0200
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For starters:

  • Zero data loss capability because primary can ship online redo log to standby as it is written, synchronously if you like?
  • How about maintenance of 'your scripts' when you leave for another job? Is it as well documented as the Data Guard Concepts and Administration manual?
  • Are the script prepared for every and any catch regarding log gaps?
  • Can you elaborate on 'more', regarding control? What are you missing in managed standby?

Don't get me wrong: I have customers in my 'support base' that use SE with scripted standby too. But Data Guard defininitely offers some nice extra's!

Best regards,

Carel-Jan Engel

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On Thu, 2008-05-29 at 19:52 +0100, Howard Latham wrote:

> I've got two standby databases in 10g
> one is managed
> the other runs with a few scripts 'What I wrote'
> I can't really see why I would want to use Managed
> since I have more control over it by just log shipping
> Any views?
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> Howard A. Latham
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