RE: Applying CPU to RAC with physical standby

From: S. Anthony Sequeira <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 17:08:06 +0100
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Thanks for that, I'll have a look at it.

I got a reply from Oracle Support, after escalating the SR, and they give similar steps, except they didn't mention catpatch.

I did catch that, and am awaiting an answer on how and when catpatch should be run. I believe catpatch should be run with the database started up in migrate mode? In which case I believe all nodes should be shutdown, though I may well be wrong.

But thanks again, I'll have a look.


On Wed, 2008-05-28 at 08:44 -0700, William Wagman wrote:
> Greetings,
> Metalink note 278641.1 gives instructions for applying a patchset with a
> 10g physical standby in place and, although I haven't tried it in a RAC
> environment, only with standby, but I suspect it could be extrapolated.
> Shut down the primary (in this case the RAC node which is the primary)
> and the standby, install the patch and then with both the primary and
> standby open run catpatch, then follow the instructions for a rolling
> upgrade on other nodes? I've not tried it but it seems like it should
> work.
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> On Wed, 2008-05-28 at 12:37 +0100, jason arneil wrote:
> > I think you should be OK to apply the catpatch.sql with the database
> > up, the patch instructions are clear on that. I don't think having
> > dataguard involved impacts on this, why should it?
> Yes, but the standby patch application note (187242.1) specifically
> mentions that all nodes must be down while the entire patch is being
> applied. This is what I'm querying with Oracle Support, and the list.
> I too believe that having a standby should not make a difference, but
> apparently it does.
> > You must however
> > start the database in upgrade mode to perform the view recompile -
> > but
> > you know this already!
> >
> > At this stage I can't see how you can have a node open for business
> > -
> > except if you want to offer your users some read only activity, then
> > you could use your standby read only while you were doing the view
> > recompile.
> We have scheduled downtime in a short window between batch runs on a
> Sunday afternoon. Oracle Support are dragging their heels on this, if I
> have to take the database down for an extended period of time, it has to
> go back to the business.
> > This though is far removed from the marketing hype of "rolling
> > upgrade".
> Agreed, this begs the question, why use RAC and pay through the nose?
> But that's probably been gone through many times, and is not really
> relevant to the thread.
> Regards.

S. Anthony Sequeira
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