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Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 18:12:38 -0500
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In simplest terms,the view v$detached_session shows the server processes without (!) client process. For example when you kill a session (using ALTER SYSTEM), the server processes will not go away unless the client tries to send some request (then it gets the 'your session has been killed' message) to the instance. This also can happen when the server process is not able to detect the death of a client process (during network failures).

I think V$detached_session.pg_name (which is V$PROCESS_GROUP.NAME) is the name of the process group which holds the detached sessions. Look the additional columns in the X$ksupgs for some more info.


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> Do you have any info on v$detached_Session the Oracle 11g New Feature!
> Note:- No Details on Oracle Reference Guide 11g
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