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Yes, Keep a lookout for your tempfiles.

RMAN however, is the new paradigm... you can duplicate to new name, or restore to same name on new server, but cannot 'duplicate' to same name on same server, (because it requires the source database to be up). To same name on same server is a little easier the old fashioned way, (user written backups). (but then again... how much of a hindrance is that)?

Other combos are beyond scope.

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Hello :

I need to rename an existing database (10.2.3). In the past (about 10 years
ago and oracle 7) I was able to take the create controlfile command (via alter database rebuild controlfile to trace), replace the filesystem
name and the database name with a new instance name, rename all the filesystems accordingly, execute the create controlfile command and
be done.

As I said I have not done it in about 10 years. Can this still be done like
that? Am I missing anything?

thank you

Gene Gurevich


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