Oracle 10g upgrade with Workspace Manager

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Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 09:47:27 -0400
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One of our last databases to upgrade to 10G makes extensive use of Oracle Workspace Manager. At 9i OWM does not support schema exports. Most of our other databases were upgraded with dbua. There are some issues with OWM and its TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE that must be treated manually after dbua in this instance. For that, and a mess of other reasons, I'd like to create a fresh 10G database, a full database export from 9i to the new 10g. Of course, we're going to try this on a staging machine first, but has anyone else done this already? My concern is the differences in how OWM is configured, with a lot stuff in the SYS schema in 9i which moves to WMSYS is 10G. And probably other things I'm forgetting. All in all, most problems in this databases are because of OWM and there is usually little information about it because it's not widely used. I was to avoid as much heartache as possible.

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