AW: ASM # of Files

From: Torsten Rosenwald <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 00:48:04 +0200
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Hola Lisa,  

Imho, the DR requirements argument is rather strong, I would not argue against that...;-)  

You may find the ASM limits here: sthref1706  

I'll copy them for your convenience:  

63 disk groups in a storage system

10,000 ASM disks in a storage system

4 petabyte maximum storage for each ASM disk

40 exabyte maximum storage for each storage system

1 million files for each disk group

Maximum files sizes as shown in the following table:

Disk Group Type	 Maximum File Size	
External redundancy	 35 TB	
Normal redundancy	 5.8 TB	
High redundancy	 3.9 TB	

hth (at least a bit:-))  


> However, one limitation has been placed on me: the size of the files
presented to ASM will be limited to 33G due to DR requirements.  

> I can't find the limit to the total number of files ASM can manage. The
only limitation I found was that a diskgroup is limited to 10k (or

> was it 1k?) files - probably more than I will manage in the next few years
for this implementation.  

> What is the largest number of files you have in ASM (regardless of size)?

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