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From: Koivu, Lisa <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 14:15:32 -0400
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Hola Amigos,  

I will be setting up several databases that will be utilizing 10g ASM on Solaris 10 - some RAC, some non-RAC. I am blessed to be given a fairly clean SAN for this purpose. However, one limitation has been placed on me: the size of the files presented to ASM will be limited to 33G due to DR requirements. While considering how large the DW database may become, I began to wonder about ASM performance with the 33G file size limitation.  

I can't find the limit to the total number of files ASM can manage. The only limitation I found was that a diskgroup is limited to 10k (or was it 1k?) files - probably more than I will manage in the next few years for this implementation.  

What is the largest number of files you have in ASM (regardless of size)?

Have you encountered a performance issue due to the number of files ASM is managing?

If so, how did you determine that ASM was the culprit?  

If there is some evidence that ASM performance declines after a number of files, I could probably assemble resources for a test.  

All suggestions, anecdotes, links to documentation I may have missed, and witty comments are welcomed.  


Lisa Koivu

Oracle Database Administrator

Starwood Vacation Ownership

Orlando, FL, USA  

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