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I would have to be

To have it run the background: recover managed standby database disconnect from session;

To cancel: recover managed standby database cancel; To execute in current session: recover managed standby database; -- (command would block).

Or at the least that is how I have done it. I haven't looked at the newer commands and capabilities. If you monitor the alert log it will indicate the wait for the next archive log and an apply when you switch logs in the primary. Recover automatic would/should give the same error.

The error as you said is what would be expected since it is attempting and unbounded recovery.


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If I'm understanding you correctly then this is normal behaviour. It means the database has been recovered up until the most recent available archive log. I haven't set up a manual standby db since Oracle 7.1 so I'm not sure about this, but I would think at this point you just type "cancel", wait for more archive logs to arrive and then "recover automatic standby database;" again. Repeat.



On 5/14/08, Michael Mitchell <> wrote:
> I'm trying to build a physical standby server and have been following an
> article I found at
> ''.
> Everything is great until I execute the recover command.
> Here is the back ground info:
> - Two Linux (Centos 5) servers
> - Oracle Standard Edition version 10.2.0g on both servers (we're young and
> poor :)
> - Both database servers were installed at the same time with the same
> (SID etc...)
> - The primary database is configured for ARCHIVELOG
> - I've done a hot backup of all tablespaces in the database where the
> 'included_in_database_backup' value is set to 'YES' (select name from
> v$tablespace where included_in_database_backup = 'YES';)
> - I've built a standby controlfile
> - Set the conversion parameters in the standby servers pfile to point to
> correct location for database (.dbf) archives (.arc) files
> The problem occurs on the 'recover standby database' command where I get
> following errors 'Linux Error: 2: No such file of directory' on an archive
> file that isn't part of the archive set. (See the full output below)
> - There are 7 archive files in the standby's archivelog directory (arch2 -
> arch8) but the recover command keeps looking for the 8th arch file which
> doesn't exist on the primary.
> Here's the full transcript from command. Note that the directory path is
> expected and the archive file naming convention is correct, it's just
> looking for a file that I don't seem to have yet.
> Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I thank you all in
> Mike


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