RE: how do you handle your DDL builds?

From: Mercadante, Thomas F (LABOR) <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 10:38:59 -0400
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We have a formal process for making changes where the user requests a specific change. We (or they) create the ddl and send it along with the request. When they want that change made in staging or production, they ask it to be promoted and we simply run the ddl against that database.  

Maintaining complete "create table" ddl was a "make work" task as far as I was concerned. It is the changes to the tables that need to be promoted - not complete ddl. I can generate complete ddl anytime I want from the database.  

Hope this helps.


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Subject: how do you handle your DDL builds?

We have a production database. We want to change tables, structure, etc... We do this frequently. How do you script this? So far I have been using upgrade directories.



However, this leaves me with a problem. I can do an add column to a table in version1, but then I have to change my base DDL of the table, but how do I know that table works? Where would I test that my new create table statement works? You can do all this manually, but its slow, time consuming, and prone to bugs.

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