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Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 12:54:02 -0400
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Agreed, there would be steep learning curve if someone is not familiar with the internals of a streams architecture and will be overwhelming initially.

Anyways, to focus on the performance aspect of it..

  1. How much change/redo would be generated say - per minute/second. You can always conduct a throughput test during your "peak" times and find out.
  2. If a single queue does not satisfy the throughput requirements, you can test w/multiple queues for the rac databases.
  3. What is the bandwidth of your network pipe between the coasts ? how much can it accommodate reasonably without dropping packets (if at all) ?
  4. Do you have any ways to isolate the application into logically cohesive sub-domains where staggering of change application might prevent some aspects of network choking.


On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 11:44 AM, Jeremy Schneider <> wrote:
> Have a good question from a friend of mine who's not on the list - wondering
> if anyone else would have input. Reply-all so that Steve can see the
> replies too - anyone have additional thoughts about this?
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> Between two geo-separated RAC databases, say one on west coast, the other on
> east coast.
> What is the recommended method for keeping both up to date, but not
> necessarily immediately up to date.
> There's concern from developers that:
> 1. Oracle replication between sites would be too slow because it's trigger
> based and would seriously impact performance, especially during heavy
> traffic time.
> 2. Oracle replication is end-of-life for Oracle Streams. We're concerned
> about streams in that it's quite complex.
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> Replication is probably the best Oracle-centric option. It depends a lot on
> the volume of updates and the data types you're using. There are also some
> third-party solutions available. This would be a great question to post on
> the oracle-l list too if you wanted some good feedback. Mind if I forward
> it over there?
> -Jeremy
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