Re: Automatic Memeory Management - Max value for Dynamic Component

From: Hemant K Chitale <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 23:16:40 +0800
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You could set a "floor" limit for db_cache_size -- that way you can prevent shared_pool_size from growing too large.

IF SGA_TARGET=2G and DB_CACHE_SIZE=1G, then Oracle will not allow DB_CACHE_SIZE to fall below 1G, thus limiting SHARED_POOL_SIZE and other components to the remaining 1G

At 09:39 PM Friday, Shivaswamy / ಶಿವಸವಾಮಿ wrote:

>I don't know if others on the list have faced this issue.
>We have automatic memory management [AMM] set on
>our 10GR1 database. The shared pool can grow
>without restrictions (untill it uses up all
>available memory to it). The 'default buffer
>cache' will be the loser. Performance can come
>down drastically as a result. We recently had a
>severe issue on this. Since then, I started
>monitoring the components from
>v$sga_dynamic_components. We can always argue on
>bad SQL but, I think we need to have a way to
>restrict the max value a component can grow to.
>Is there a way to restrict the maximum value a
>dynamic component can grow to? I am interested
>to restrict the max value for Shared_pool. Now,
>only way I have is to reset the double
>underscore parameter for shared pool and bounce the database.
>Please let me know your view on this.

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