RE: [Q] any problem Intel "core 2 duo" cpu with old version of ORACLE client?

From: Roberts, David \(GSD - UK\) <>
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 11:06:32 +0100
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I'm not aware of any problems.  

I'd be tempted to recommend getting hold of the Microsoft dependency walker ( depends.exe ).  

You can then use that to verify that all of the same versions of the dependent dlls are being picked up from the same directories when the oracle executable is run.  

Many duplicate dlls are installed on the PC in various locations, and things like the PATH can affect which versions get loaded.    

If the same dlls are being run on both machines, then you may have to raise the issue with Oracle Support.  



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Subject: [Q] any problem Intel "core 2 duo" cpu with old version of ORACLE client?  

We has a new PC with Intel "core 2 duo" CPU and Windows XP SP2 in it. This PC has very old version of ORACLE client 8.06 and ORACLE developer 6.1 (Forms, reports) in it.

When we run "sqlplus" (version 8.0.6), we get MS Windows pop up error. I look detail messages and look like it stop on "kernel32.dll".

Does anyone have similar problem "core 2 duo" and old version ORACLE client?

Does this error come from "core 2 duo"?


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