RE: Tru64 with 10gR2 for SAP R/3

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Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 11:20:16 -0400
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        Was recently involved in a similar upgrade, but they moved to AIX instead and yes It's a SAP thing, stay in the box don't stray, we know what's best. Darn, sounds like Microcrap.

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At the request of management, I am inquiring.

Is anyone running 10gR2 on Tru64(5.1b) for SAP(6.20)? If so, how did the upgrade go (can remember back that far ;) )?

The short of it is we are planning to upgrade from

The long explanation is that this is part of a cross-platform migration from nearing end-of-life Tru64 Alpha machines to HP ProLiant series servers running Linux. Both are little endian so transportable tablespaces was the planned method to migrate our ~1TB database. SAP support for 10gR2 on Tru64 is not clear from the OSS notes I've read, though is the only release of 10g supported on other operating systems.

Mike Hand
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