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The "Cage" solution is not uncommon from what I've seen. I've also seen situations where you could go in but you were always escorted. In a couple of cases, I've seen that a limited number of employees (say 2-5) were allowed but they had to go through background checks. DIck is right though, security is paramount.

I know CSX in Jacksonville, Fl. was at one time looking to do hosting in their data center. That was years ago, and I don't know if that is still the case, but you might talk to them. They had a heck of a facility.

The problem with data guard, at that distance, could be latency.


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            Well weĒre a LONG way from London UK , but hosting centers really donĒt
like people on their data centers who are not employees.  The reason is we donĒt
appreciate the security risk to other clients in there.  Now If you really want
unrestricted access IĒm sure we can build a cage around your hardware
that we can lock you into, for a cost of course.
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We are looking for a good site for DR where can have an active standby
using 11g for a
500 gig database. 
One site told us we couldn't have access to their building and "Oh
yes we have 24*7 technicians with Oracle 11g Active Dataguard experience"
but seriously
does anyone have views on hosting where you have to everything remotely
and does anyone know a good co location site near Leicester Square ?

Howard A. Latham
RSMB TV Research.
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