RE: How to get a 10053 trace on a recursive query

From: Allen, Brandon <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:58:14 -0700
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Yes, it seems that recursive queries use CHOOSE for optimizer_mode even though optimizer_mode=ALL_ROWS at the instance level. This is apparent from my trace files and also seems to be confirmed in Metalink 66481.1 (see note 2 at the bottom of the metalink note). I'm surprised I've never noticed this behavior before, but I guess I haven't had to tune many recursive queries. So, now that I noticed this - I ran the recursive query with optimizer_mode=CHOOSE for my session to match the mode for the recursive query and sure enough - I got the same bad execution plan as the recursive query so that confirms it's related to the optimizer_mode setting and now I can get the 10053 trace and try to figure out how to stop the recursive query from getting a bad plan. Still no way to get a 10053 trace on an actual recursive query I guess, but this is close enough.


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One thing I just noticed though in reviewing my tkprof output below is that the optimizer_mode appears to switch from ALL_ROWS to CHOOSE for the recursive queries. I've never noticed that before, but maybe it's always done that?


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