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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:53:04 -0400
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OH, what a case of dajavu!! I was at a company previously that to reduce costs had me do a source selection amongst the Open Source crowd. For sure, if you can have your way, choose PostgreSql or EnterpriseDB since it ports the easiest. But in the end Management will find SQL*Server just as expensive as Oracle, just they nickel & dime you to death vs hitting you in the face with the telephone pole. MySQL is just another way of putting money into Oracle's pocket since they now own the transactional engine used, InnoDB. You'll also have fun finding folks to work with these other DB's and you may find that your application vendors will balk at either MySql or PostgreSql. SQL*Server folks seem to think that their special and scarce so they want a premium. MySql are sort of a dime a dozen, but they sure can crank out some trash in a hurry, and there are few who have PostgreSql on their resume. In the end we migrated the trial application back onto Oracle & sucked it up.  

One thing your boss should consider is cutting down on the number of servers that your supporting. Many a database instance is created because someone thought it should be. Taking a few moments may lead to merging instances into larger ones and/or having multiple instances on fewer servers. That can reduce license costs as once a cpu is licensed it does not matter if it's handling one to 20 instances. The cost is the same. And lastly pull that sales droid in & read him/her the riot act. They can often come up with interesting ways to help, like they did at my previous company where they declared a number of databases as being development only and consequently putting in legal contract form that they did not need to be supported. Saved the company several thousands in annual renewal fees. It also helps to have a "signed" purchase order on the table for DB2 or SQL*server where they can see it. Makes for some very lively discussion since at that point they do not want to loose you as a customer. My old CIO was a master at these types of negotiations, was a real treat to watch him make Oracle sales droids squirm, HP droids as well.  

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Company I work for just announced that we're going to convert all but 2 of our 89 Oracle databases to either SQL Server, MYSQL, or PostgreSQL. This is due to the high licensing cost. I'm bummed.

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