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            The last I got from the Oracle bigwigs down here at a training day was that Data Guard was a zero cost option IF you have EE licensed. For all others it's the old extra dollars trick. Also on the second db, IF you are using it ONLY as a DR solution then it does not have to be licensed, the presumption is that when you switch over to the standby your license to use the database moves as well similar to when you replace one server with s different one of equal capacity. Now the meaning of "ONLY as a DR solution" is subject to interpretation, especially if your DR box is of higher capacity than the main server. The clients that I'm currently working with got Oracle to say OK provided that we only switch over and opened the database twice a year as a DR test. As Dan puts it correctly, contact your sales rep before believing anything, including this message.  

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Hi Tom,

Yes, I know. Starting in 11g, the features guide has a note ("Extra cost option") when the feature is a separately-licensed option (I agree with your point--the docs aren't necessarily the authoritative source for license info, but I'd argue that Oracle Sales doesn't always know either :). Also, the lack of any listing of Data Guard option in the Options and Packs chapter of the licensing guide ( .htm#CIHJJBGA) would suggest that it isn't separately licensed. If it isn't on the price list at (page 2), then it is likely not an optional component.

To answer the other OP question, there's nothing (licensing or otherwise) to stop you from shipping logfiles from one SE database to another SE database and keep it in continuous recovery mode (i.e. "roll your own" data guard). In either case, EE or SE, you'd still have to license the 2nd DB server even if you were only using it as the DR site. With Data Guard, I've heard of Oracle discounting the DR server's license quite a bit more than the typical discount, but YMMV. Note that it is coming up on the end of Oracle's fiscal year, so experience tells us that prices will be dropping (via discounts) steadily from now through May 31.


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That page shows feature availability. I think the discussion was about whether a feature was chargable.


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Documentation can actually be useful: .htm#CJACGHEB

Mercadante, Thomas F (LABOR) wrote:

I was told by our local Oracle Reps that there is no charge for Data Guard - it is included in the EE license.  

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We are specing some new servers. The Oracle price list says $100 per user for dataguard yet our supplier says its included in Enterprise edition. Is Advanced DataGuard automatic log shipping to a standby database - which I could do manually or is it more than than?

Howard A. Latham


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