RE: why do I need dbcontrol?

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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 11:24:10 -0400
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Your manager is concerned about running a web service on the database server because of the inherent risks of outside access to your machine. If you database server is in a third tier of a 3-tier architecture, then logically it cannot be accessed from the internet.  

But you still have the risk of exposing your server to malicious users from within your organization.  

You do not need dbconsole. If you install 10g client on your desktop, it comes with a 10g Java version of OEM. It is a stripped down version of the 9i OEM. No events or alerts, but it provides basic administration access to the databases.  

I agree with John in that you should investigate 10g Grid for OEM control and access to your databases. I was at first really really negative on this product as V1 killed our AIX server.

V2 is very stable and performs reasonably well. I personally think that Grid OEM was a step backward in Database Administration capability compared to V9 OEM. But nobody asked me what I thought of the idea, so Oracle went ahead and changed everything!  

10g Grid needs a web server on one machine in your enterprise that can connect to all of the database servers. So you can install it away from your DB servers. It does require a database for the repository.  

You then install the 10g Grid agents on each database server.  

Hope this helps.


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I am not sure that dbcontrol would class as a web server, however...  

You do not need dbcontrol if you do not want to use Enterprise manager to maintain and manage all your databases.

Not using EM would mean that you would need to have to log onto each database server to check for problems and to make changes. This is both time consuming and in-effective.  

Instead of using dbcontrol I would be tempted to pitch for starting a project to create a Grid Control EM environment where all databases can be managed from a single web page.  

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Subject: why do I need dbcontrol?  

Hello Everyone,

I need some non technical help (more political).

As a standard installation/configuration I configure iSQL*Plus and dbcontrol for every 10g database in our environment ( on Solaris if that matters). We do not have Oracle application server.

My manager suddenly woke up and asking for justification for installing isqlplus and dbcontrol. I know isqlplus is not of much of significance but I have to justify why I need dbcontrol. Below is exact email from him:


By Monday, can you send me a quick email with the following:

-All Oracle services that we have implemented that require a web server
running on the host database machine
-Reasons why we need to have these web services running
-What do we lose if we do not implement these services


Can some one please help me with this, so "Non-Oracle" person can understand why I need dbcontrol.

Thank you very much.


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