why do I need dbcontrol?

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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 10:12:29 -0400
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Hello Everyone,

I need some non technical help (more political).

As a standard installation/configuration I configure iSQL*Plus and dbcontrol for every 10g database in our environment ( on Solaris if that matters). We do not have Oracle application server.

My manager suddenly woke up and asking for justification for installing isqlplus and dbcontrol. I know isqlplus is not of much of significance but I have to justify why I need dbcontrol. Below is exact email from him:


By Monday, can you send me a quick email with the following:

-All Oracle services that we have implemented that require a web server
running on the host database machine
-Reasons why we need to have these web services running
-What do we lose if we do not implement these services


Can some one please help me with this, so "Non-Oracle" person can understand why I need dbcontrol.

Thank you very much.



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