how to build cascaded logical standby from a logical standby

From: Eagle Fan <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 18:58:35 +0800
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Hi All:

I'm trying to build a cascaded logical standby using logical standby as intermedial server.

The redo route is like this:

Primary (server A) -> logical standby (server B) -> cascaded logical standby (server C).

Server B was copied from Server A and has already been activated as logical standby. It's working very well.

Then I copied server C from server B and tried to setup a cascaded logical standby.

But when I started logical standby apply on Server C, it was looking for archive logs from server A, not Server B.

I was trying to register archive logs from Server B, but got the following error:

*SQL> alter database register logfile


*alter database register logfile



*ERROR at line 1:*

*ORA-01324: cannot add file due to DB_ID mismatch*

In DBA_LOGSTDBY_LOG, the archive log is from primary (Server A). I didn't find detailed action plan of building cascaded logical standby, if you have such kind of doc, please give me a copy:)

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.


Eagle Fan


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