RE: Info needed on X_$ or V_$ !!

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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 11:07:16 -0400
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The v$ views are documented in the Oracle version# Reference Manual.  

Dion told you how to see the view definitions.  

The x$ views are actually program logic structures contained in the shared memory of the instance, that is, the SGA.  

You can argue over if it is better to query the v$ view or the x$ view the v$ view is built on but I find the v$ view names are usually easier to understand.  

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	v$fixed_view_definition would be a good start point.
	Also check gv$ views which expose global-version of v$views.
	Dion Cho
	2008/4/23, Amit Verma <>: 

		Dear All,

		1. Where we can use X_$ or V_$.
		2. Is X_$ and V_$ contains the same data/info.
		If the info is not same, then at which the info is
		3. Is both X_$ and V_$ are views
		Please let me know your concerns.
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