RE: How to recover a database with missing all online redo logs

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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 20:12:01 -0600
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I am not sure how you could have used the "backup control file" clause since you are using the current control file. Speculating, I would suspect that the instance was taken down by LGWR or CKPT when the online redo log files went missing and that could have resulted in a data file needing media recovery (crash recovery cannot complete with the logs missing).  

I think you should have Oracle support look at this problem before you attempt any of the suggestions. It would also be useful to the extent restoring this database from an alternate source is at risk, back this up as was suggested, so that you have a baseline that you can get back to. I would also caution you against attempting "reasonable approaches" as you may find yourself deeper in the hole leaving no avenues.  

My suspicion is that the recover database failed since you are running with the current contolfile and not a backup controlfile (hopefully the controlfiles were not replaced). The subsequent open reset logs failed because the files are not all in a consistent state - this may mean your situation may be salvageable with help from Oracle support. But I would take a backup now before you attempt anything else.  


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Subject: SOS: How to recover a database with missing all online redo logs  


Inadvertently one of our team member dropped all the online redo logs from all the file systems from one of our 1.5 tera bytes test instance. The instance is running on 9208,64 bit on AIX box. We failed when we tried to do simulate an incomplete recovery "recover database using backup control file until cancel;", and try to open the database using open resetlogs, but the recovery command fails with an error ora-01113. Please help us to recover this instance.  


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