Re: Time estimate for patches from Oracle

From: Dennis Williams <>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 10:55:00 -0500
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Just a clarifying question. What priority was given to your SR? Is this a P1? At most vendors (speaking as someone who previously worked as a developer for vendors), the speed of support activities such as patches is related to the assigned priority. Usually P1 means everybody drop what they are doing and fix it NOW because the user site is dead in the water. The sense of urgency drops rapidly once you back off from a P1, so how soon you see a patch could vary widely. And the other magic word is "workaround", as in hey the user has a workaround so we'll just add the patch to the next release :-)

     To be fair to the vendor, they have to balance their resources between patch fixing and making progress on new releases.

Dennis Williams

On 4/21/08, Bill Ferguson <> wrote:
> Okay, this will probably vary by a considerable margin.
> I was wondering what everybody's experience has been with getting a
> patch created by Oracle development and then finally made available.
> On April 12th my system suddenly became very unstable ( on
> Windows 2003 Server). Filed a SR right away, and the following Monday
> I began attending the Oracle Collaborate conference here in Denver. On
> Wednesday I finally got some confirmation that it is a bug, not
> something I set wrong, and by Thursday Oracle development was supposed
> to working on writing a backport to some existing bugs that would fix
> my problem.
> Evidently they have now completed testing the backport, but it's still
> not available for me to access and apply yet. Needless to say my users
> are getting a bit annoyed. Last week they understood as I was gone,
> but this week they are expecting a fix ASAP. Any guesses from the list
> on when I might actually be able to get my system running again, so I
> can offer my users something?
> Thanks for any all guesses.
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> -- Bill Ferguson
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