RE: Oracle version numbers appearing as links in posts on oracle-l

From: Carel-Jan Engel <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 17:33:41 +0200
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Tim Gorman pointed out it was unclear what my actual question was.

Yes, I was unclear. Let me elaborate.

I see received emails getting unreadable by Mailscanner messages. My first suspect was my provider: I thought their spamfilter/viruschecker boldly transformed all strings matching the decimal IP-address format into a hyperlink. So it was at my ISP where I started the investigation. That was easy, as my ISP is a rather small ISP, owned by a friend.

When it appreared that the href= code was already there in the raw data received by them, I started going upstream. I also figured that some oracle-l messages have this behaviour, other don't. That led to the educated guess that it is unlikely that the mailservers of change the contents, so then I posted a question to the list whether others had the same symptoms.

>From the recieving end up to the sender so far my best guess of what
happening is:

> I read an email, containg warnings for many a.b.c.d numbers
>> Messages with warnings are retrieved by my Evolution email client
from the pop3 server of my ISP
>>> Messages are stored in my pop3 mailbox by the mailscanner of my ISP
>>>> Warnings are added by software running at the servers of my IP, but
only for numbers appearing as <href=a.b.c.d> in the email source
>>>>> Raw messages containing <href=a.b.c.d> text arrive at my ISP
>>>>>> Raw messages containing <href=a.b.c.d> sent to my ISP by
>>>>>>> Raw messages containing <href=a.b.c.d> text arrive at
>>>>>>>> Raw messages containing <href=a.b.c.d> text sent to by email client of oracle-l member
>>>>>>>>> a.b.c.d text marked up as href by email client
>>>>>>>>>> 'Oracle version a.b.c.d' entered as plain text by oracle-l

So, I think various email clients are the culprits,including gmail, outlook.

I asked my ISP to white-list, so my problem is over. However, I still don't like software to decide for me (or whoever else) that some text needs a reformat to a lilnk. But we have to live with that. I'm afraid. More and more gets decided for us...... But I digress.

Problem detected, root cause found, solution not. Workaround available.

Thank you all for your replies.

Best regards,

Carel-Jan Engel

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