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I was in an Oracle class many years ago (Oracle 7) where the instructor said to issue a "alter system checkpoint" prior to the "shutdown abort". He claimed this was much safer than just issuing the "shutdown abort". This seems to make sense - your syncing all the files before the shutdown.

Several years ago we experienced corruption with "shutdown abort". IIRC it was the controlfiles that were corrupted. It would have been 8i on Tru64, but that's the best I can remember. At the time we were also having some issues with the firmware on the SAN controllers. In any case, I am now in the habit of issuing the "alter system checkpoint" first.


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We have had Oracle support tell us that a shutdown abort can in certain rare circumstances cause corruption. The practical reality is the option seems safe as long as you do not use try to make use of the database data files for backup or transporting purposes before Oracle has been restarted and allowed to perform crash recovery.

I would use shutdown immediate and only resort to shutdown abort when the immediate was not working fast enough or a serious problem existed on the database like the day my OPS database started performing recovery for the other failed instance on both instances (not a good thing).

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